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Watershed Counseling Center LLC

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About Us

Watershed is a group counseling center serving families and individuals in the Montgomery County area. We have experienced, compassionate counselors to help you and your family discover new ways to live happier, healthier, more productive lives. We pride ourselves on being life-long learners, always working to expand our knowledge and grow in our expertise. At Watershed, we have a comfortable, welcoming environment where clients feel safe to explore, learn, and grow.

We provide healing through individual, couples, and family sessions.

Our compassionate counselors help you navigate those times when life doesn’t turn out quite how you expected. We walk with you on your journey through sadness, stress, anxiety, grief, recovery, depression and all the other tough emotions that might come your way. So whatever your situation, our goal is to help you find clarity, purpose, and strength. Through the therapy process, we will help you cultivate an unshakeable resiliency that you carry into every challenge you face.

As human beings, we all struggle. Healing is when these struggles no longer control you. If you’re feeling stuck and overwhelmed we welcome you in our center so our honest and trustworthy counselors can provide you with tools and guidance on how to move past the obstacles you are facing and into a better place. Whether you have your own challenges, are concerned about your teen or need help in marriage, we can work with you to move toward greater peace and a more balanced life.



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Ribbon Cutting at Grand Opening Celebration
Ribbon Cutting at Grand Opening Celebration