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Coffee News


About Us

Coffee News is a FREE weekly ''Good News'' paper distributed to restaurants and waiting areas throughout Montgomery County, offering FUN reading to residents and visitors and repetitive, effective and affordable advertising for local businesses and non-profits.


  • Everybody LOVES Coffee News!
  • "We thoroughly enjoy reading the horoscope, trivia and stories every week. Keep up the good work!"~G. Valdes
  • "My wife and I always have a race to see who can find Wally first!"~ C. Wilson
  • “This is so much fun! Enjoy reading the whole paper with my morning coffee. Thank you!” ~ S. McCown
  • “We always grab a Coffee News! We love the ads and our family always races to see who can find Wally first!”~ K. Weaver


Where's Wally? Find him in Coffee News!
Coco as Mrs. Frizzle at Chick-Fil-A's Trunk or Treat